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Who Did 'Babe I'm Gonna Leave You' First Before Led Zeppelin?

26 Aug 2017 21:13


Song: Babe I'm Gonna Leave You (1962)

Artists: Joan Baez, Led Zeppelin

Album: In Concert

Writer: Anne Bredon

When you hear Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You by Led Zeppelin, you may not realize that the song started out as a folk song. This in itself is not surprising since Led Zeppelin was heavily influenced by folk. Songs like Black Mountain Side, Ramble On, The Battle of Evermore, and Going to California, among others, exemplify this influence.

Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You was first recorded by Joan Baez on her 1962 album, In Concert….

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Hooked on a Feeling by Blue Swede: Who Did It First?

20 Apr 2017 18:42


Song: Hooked on a Feeling (1968)

Artist: B.J. Thomas

Album: On My Way (Sceptor)

Writer: Mark James

Hooked on a Feeling by Blue Swede is one of the popular tracks from the soundtrack of Guardians of the Galaxy (some of them here). But, the arrangement, with its ooga-chaka ooga-chaka refrain, is quite a bit different than the original….

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Who Did 'Red, Red Wine' First Before UB40?

18 Apr 2017 02:43


Song: Red, Red Wine (1968)

Artist: Neil Diamond

Album: Just For You (Bang)

Writer: Neil Diamond

In 1988 UB40, a group from Birmingham UK had a no. 1 hit with a song called Red, Red Wine, done in a reggae style (they were not the first, see below). Although UB40 has plenty of original material, their hit-making formula mostly consisted of taking good songs from way back and doing them in a reggae style. And yes, Red, Red Wine was a good song from way back in 1968. It was written and recorded, originally, by Neil Diamond for his album Just For You….

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You Don't Believe We're On the Eve of Destruction

15 Apr 2017 02:24


Song: Eve of Destruction (1965)

Artist: Barry McQuire

Album: Barry McGuire Featuring Eve of Destruction

Writers: P.F. Sloan, Steve Barri

It would be understandable if many folks figured that Eve of Destruction was a Dylan tune or at least a cover of a Dylan tune. It was originally written by P. F. Sloan (Philip "Flip" Sloan) in 1964 to sound a bit like a Dylan song, or at least to take advantage of the rising popularity Dylan's commercial success with "like a rolling Stone" and the rising popularity of protest songs. Sloan originally pitched it to the Byrds, who didn't want it. He then presented it to the The Turtles, best known for their Zombie-inspired Happy Together. At first, they were solidly Dylan inspired. They recorded it on their first album, It Ain't Me Babe, in 1965….

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Me and Bobby McGee: Who Did It First Before Janis Joplin?

24 Mar 2017 21:21


Song: Me and Bobby McGee (1969)

Artist: Roger Miller

Writers: Kris Kristofferson, Fred Foster

Me and Bobby McGee has certainly made the rounds. It has been recorded or performed so many times by so many musicians to try to list them all would just invite endless corrections and offers of the "best" version. Sorry, no, not the Grateful Dead, folks, you should try Johnny Cash (live recording), but that's just me. Besides the Dead and the Man in Black, it has been recorded by Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, Gordon Lightfoot, Jerry Lee Lewis, Waylon Jennings, Kenny Rogers, and Lee Ann Rimes. However, I think it is safe to say that the most famous recording and performance of the song was done by the late Janis Joplin. It is the rendition of the song that most people think of, and the most imitated. Many younger musicians don't seem to know the song was ever done by anyone else. But, who did it first?…

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