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Who Did the Song "I Love Rock n' Roll" First Before Joan Jett?

30 Aug 2017 23:32


Song: I Love Rock 'n Roll (1982)

Artist: Joan Jett & the Blackhearts

Album: I Love Rock 'n Roll (Boardwalk)

Writers: Jake Hooker, Alan Merrill

Joan Jett has had a storied career. Before she was the frontman of her own band, she was a part of the band The Runaways, famous for such songs as "Cherry Bomb." The song she is most known for, however, she did as part of Joan Jett & the Blackhearts: I love Rock 'n Roll. In March 1982 it was a number one hit on the Billboard Hot 100. It also hit number one on the Billboard Top Tracks and Hot Dance Club Songs charts. It also charted in six other countries, reaching no. 1 in four of them. It became the band's most requested song on tour, the single itself went platinum, and it is a classic rock radio mainstay to this day. You could not find a bigger hit….

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Same As It Ever Was: What Song Is It?

29 Aug 2017 21:11


Song: Once in a Lifetime (1980)

Artist: Talking Heads

Album: Remain in Light

Writers: David Byrne, Tina Weymouth, Jerry Harrison, Brian Eno, Chris Frantz

Same as it ever was, same as it ever was, same as it ever was….

You may find yourself wondering what that catchy but weird song is called where the guy says same as it ever was over and over. Then again, you may find yourself behind the wheel of an exceedingly small automobile but you probably wouldn't Google that. The song in question is actually called Once in a Lifetime and that goofy song is by the Talking Heads….

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I Don't Know Much: Who Did it First Before Aaron Neville and Linda Ronstadt?

16 May 2017 21:09


Song: Don't Know Much (1980, 1989)

Artist: Linda Ronstadt and Aaron Neville

Album: Cry Like a Rainstorm - Howl Like the Wind

Writers: Barry Mann, Cynthia Weil, Tom Snow

Don't Know Much is perhaps one of the most famous duets ever recorded. Like many such songs, though, it was not written as a duet. It was first recorded by Barry Mann, who co-wrote it and released in 1980 on his self-titled album. It was a beautiful song from the beginning but sometimes it takes more than a beautiful song. It failed to chart and found little success….

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What does Abacab by Genesis Mean?

12 May 2017 01:43


Song: Abacab (1981)

Artist: Genesis

Album: Abacab

Writers: Phil Collins, Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford

Abacab was one of three singles to hit the U.S. charts from the 1981 Genesis album of the same name. It is a progressive rock song that reached no. 26 on the Billboard Hot 100, spending 14 weeks on the charts. The song title, a word repeated in the chorus, seems to be nonsense? Is it?…

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Don't You Tell Me No...

30 Apr 2017 22:19


Song: A Little Respect

Artist: Erasure

Album: The Innocents

Writers: Andy Bell, Vince Clark

Don't you tell me no…Soul, I hear you calling…Oh, baby please give a little respect to me..

If it's not the repeated refrain, "that you gimme no," it's the refrain "don't you tell me no" that people remember most about this song. The song is actually called A Little Respect and there is not a moment or melody in it that is not it's own hook. In 1989 it was the third single from their album The Innocents and the second hit for Erasure after 'Chains of Love.' It scored big on multiple charts, reaching no. 14 on the Billboard Hot 100, and doing even better on the alternative, and dance charts, among others. It reached no. 4 on the U.K. charts. Today, it is arguably the group's most famous song….

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