Basic Bluegrass Rhythm Guitar Instruction with BanjoBen
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Here is a great bluegrass rhythm guitar instructional video from Banjo Ben Clark of It is part 1 of an multipart series. The first lesson is free on YouTube.

He starts by teaching three basic chords:

A 3-finger G-chord: Played by fretting the low E on the 3rd fret w/ middle finger, muting the open A with the pad of your middle finger, and fretting the B and high-E with your ring finger and little finger.


A basic C-chord:


And a basic D-chord:


You can learn thousands of chords from the Picture Chord Encyclopedia.

He then outlines a basic rhythm exercise, done by combining the base note of the chord with a down-stroke strumming of the chord.

To get the remaining lessons in the series, visit Ben's Guitar Basic Rhythm Series page and sign up to become a member.

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