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Jet Airliner: Who Did It First Before Steve Miller Band?

24 Mar 2017 05:37


Song: Jet Airliner

Artist: Paul Pena (Covered by Steve Miller Band)

Album: New Train

Writer: Paul Pena

Think of the Steve Miller Band. Are you thinking,"big old jet airliner, don't carry me too far away?" Chances are many of you are. It is one of Steve Miller Band's most popular song. Believe it or not, there were very few top ten hits. Abracadabra was a number one hit in 1982 and The Joker was number one in 1974. In between was Jet Airliner, in 1977 at number eight, off the Book of Dreams album….

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Don't Turn Your Back on Me Baby: What Song Is It?

12 Jan 2016 22:01


Song: Black Magic Woman

Artist: Fleetwood Mac - Peter Green (1969)

Album: English Rose (Epic)

The lyric "don't turn your back on me baby" is most famous as part of the song Black Magic Woman. Although the most well-known version of the song is the 1971 Santana cover, the original, and the best, is from Fleetwood Mac, off the album English Rose, in 1969….

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What 1966 Song Gave The Lovin' Spoonful Their Name?

16 Feb 2015 18:47


Song: Coffee Blues (1966)

Artist: Mississippi John Hurt

In the song Coffee Blues, the legendary blues artist Mississippi John Hurt, in his usual good-natured way, talks about wanting a spoonful of something. He claims, at the beginning, that it's Maxwell House coffee (he calls it Maxwell's House), his favorite coffee that really is good to the last drop "just like it says on the can." He says that he used to have a woman who "cooked" him some good Maxwell House, but she moved away…maybe to Memphis, or maybe to Leland. But he found her, he says, and wanted her to cook him some Maxwell House, because, if he could get just a spoonful of Maxwell House, it would do him as much good as "two or three cups of this other coffee."…

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