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Who Did the Song 'Wagon Wheel' First Before Darius Rucker?

30 Aug 2017 00:40


Song: Wagon Wheel (2004)

Artists: Old Crow Medicine Show

Albums: Troubles Up and Down the Road, O.C.M.S.

Writers: Bob Dylan, Ketch Secor

In 2014, Darius Rucker, the singer of Hootie and the Blowfish, won a Grammy Award for Best Country Solo Performance for his recording of the song Wagon Wheel. The song reached number one on the Billboard Hot Country chart, and number 15 on the Hot 100, spending 26 weeks on the chart during the Summer of 2013. It's a simple little ditty in which Darius asks his woman to "rock me baby like a wagon wheel." Believe it or not, the song was originally written by Bob Dylan. Or, at least Bob Dylan came up with the initial idea for the song….

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Wind Beneath My Wings: Who Did It first Before Bette Midler?

09 Apr 2017 23:45


Song: Wind Beneath My Wings (1989)

Artists: Bette Midler

Writers: Jeff Silbar and Larry Henley

As songs featured in movie soundtracks go, Wind Beneath My Wings is a big deal. Played in the movie Beaches, it was a no. one hit in 1989 and won Grammy awards for both song of the Year and Record of the Year in 1990. It went on to become Bette Midler's signature song and to be thought of as "that Bette Midler Wind Beneath My Wings Song." But Midler, who also acted in the film, wasn't the first to record it. In fact, it was a song that Marc Shaiman, Midler's music director had "loved for a long time."…

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Everything Is Beautiful In It's Own Way

07 Apr 2017 01:26


Song: Everything Is Beautiful (1970)

Artist: Ray Stevens

Album: Everything Is Beautiful (Barnaby)

Writer: Ray Stevens

I grew up listing to Ray Stevens comedy songs. I was so used to laughing so hard to Ray Stevens on the radio that I probably never realized that the song Everything is Beautiful was written and performed by Stevens. I certainly didn't realize that the first few lines from the song we sung in Sunday School, Jesus Loves the Little Children…were used in a song by the same guy who wrote Mississippi Squirrel Revival, a song about a squirrel causing chaos in a church.

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Me and Bobby McGee: Who Did It First Before Janis Joplin?

24 Mar 2017 21:21


Song: Me and Bobby McGee (1969)

Artist: Roger Miller

Writers: Kris Kristofferson, Fred Foster

Me and Bobby McGee has certainly made the rounds. It has been recorded or performed so many times by so many musicians to try to list them all would just invite endless corrections and offers of the "best" version. Sorry, no, not the Grateful Dead, folks, you should try Johnny Cash (live recording), but that's just me. Besides the Dead and the Man in Black, it has been recorded by Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, Gordon Lightfoot, Jerry Lee Lewis, Waylon Jennings, Kenny Rogers, and Lee Ann Rimes. However, I think it is safe to say that the most famous recording and performance of the song was done by the late Janis Joplin. It is the rendition of the song that most people think of, and the most imitated. Many younger musicians don't seem to know the song was ever done by anyone else. But, who did it first?…

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Sweet City Woman

14 Mar 2017 22:01


Song: Sweet City Woman (1971)

Artist: Stampeders

Writer: Rich Dodson

Sweet City Woman was released in 1971 by a Canadian Band out of Calgary, Alberta, the Stampeders. They were together for eight years before they had a huge number one rock hit in Canada on their debut album called Against the Grain. The song also reached number one on the Canadian country and adult contemporary charts. It caused such a stir that eight U.S. record labels got into a bidding war before the band was signed to Bell Records, who renamed the album Sweet City Woman and the release of the single in the U.S., where it reached number eight on the Billboard charts on October 23, 1971….

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