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I'm travelin' down the road and I'm flirtin' With Disaster

20 Mar 2017 22:11


Song: Flirtin' With Disaster (1979)

Artist: Molly Hatchet

Writers: Dave Lawrence Hludeck, Danny Joe Brown, Banner Harvey Thomas

Album: Flirtin' With Disaster (Epic)

Flirtin' With Disaster by Molly Hatchet is often listed as one of the best country rock or Southern rock songs of all time, along with such classics as Can't You See by Marshall Tucker Band and Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd. This is no mean feat being that Molly Hatchet is also lists made by heavy metal fans. The band members themselves certainly looked like they belonged in a heavy metal band, perhaps a British one. And three of them were lead guitarists. Their first album, Molly Hatchet, was a platinum seller….

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Get Your Motor Running!

30 May 2016 00:34


Song: Born to Be Wild (1968)

Artist: Steppenwolf

Album: Steppenwolf/ Music from the Easy Rider Soundtrack

Writer: Mars Bonfire (a.k.a Dennis Edmonton, a.k.a. Dennis Eugene McCrohan)

Born to Be Wild is an anthem to motorcycle clubs and, for that matter, many heavy metal fans. It is one of the songs by Steppenwolf to appear in the most famous motorcycle movie ever made, Easy Rider, and most people would not be able to name the other, which is The Pusher. In fact, most people would probably have a hard time naming any other Steppenwolf songs at all, although they probably are very familiar with a few of them. But when they hear those opening lyrics, "Get your motor runnin, head out on the highway" they are immediately rockin out. Especially if they happen to be driving. It's a song you can't hear without first cranking up the volume and then pushing down on the accelerator….

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What Song Was the Scorpions' First Major U.S. Hit?

10 Feb 2015 04:25


Song: No One Like You

Album: Blackout (1982)

Label: Mercury

Although Blackout was not the Scorpions' first album to break in America, it offered up their first major hit:…

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