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How to Play Individual Songs on Guitar (Easy Lessons for Beginners)

If you are learning to play acoustic guitar, you may think you have to spend hours learning and practicing each guitar chord, do exercises, learn some music theory, do this for hours each day, get bored, and put your guitar away for a couple of years until you finally pawn it for a new hobby. But there is nothing wrong with just learning to play some of your favorite songs using simple lessons. You can learn the chords as you go, and anything you learn by playing one song you can use in your playing in general! A C-chord works the same whether you learn it as part of one of the songs below or not. These lessons are meant to be suitable for guitar beginners, with simple chord diagrams and video lessons to help you start playing right now.

Amie by Pure Prarie League

Danny's Song by Kenny Loggins

Brandy You're a Fine Girl by Looking Glass

Wild World by Cat Stevens


Bluegrass Guitar Instruction

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