My name is Eric, and this is my take on a music blog. Here, I answer the question "What song is it?" I also have a site called CulinaryLore where I do similar things concerning another deep interest of mine, food history, food science, and the like.

I am no musical encyclopedia! Much of what you read here I discover as I go and then share it with you. I have fun discovering connections between artists and music that I never knew about before.

As well, I'm not a person who tries to analyze music (very much). Music, like all art, is subjective. This is not to say that I believe that it is impossible to submit music to an objective analysis, but that our strong emotional connection to music makes such analysis ineffective, if not moot. So, usually, I just report the facts about particular songs I write about, and let you know, for example, how they did on the charts, what album they appeared on, or any other trivia which seems relevant. From time to time, I'm inspired to state my opinion. Sometimes, I may love something you hate or hate something you love. Just because I dislike a song you love and perhaps have a personal connection to you doesn't mean the song is not good or that I think you are wrong to like it! My opinion is simply that. I am not a music critic.

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