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Don't You Tell Me No...

30 Apr 2017 22:19


Song: A Little Respect

Artist: Erasure

Album: The Innocents

Writers: Andy Bell, Vince Clark

Don't you tell me no…Soul, I hear you calling…Oh, baby please give a little respect to me..

If it's not the repeated refrain, "that you gimme no," it's the refrain "don't you tell me no" that people remember most about this song. The song is actually called A Little Respect and there is not a moment or melody in it that is not it's own hook. In 1989 it was the third single from their album The Innocents and the second hit for Erasure after 'Chains of Love.' It scored big on multiple charts, reaching no. 14 on the Billboard Hot 100, and doing even better on the alternative, and dance charts, among others. It reached no. 4 on the U.K. charts. Today, it is arguably the group's most famous song….

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Josie's On a Vacation Far Away

27 Apr 2017 22:15


Josie's on a vacation far away; Come around and talk it over…

Song: Your Love (1985)

Artist: The Outfield

Album: Play Deep

Writer: John Spinks

Most people instantly recognize this song by the opening lyrics, concerning Josie and her vacation. For some reason, they just hit you in the face. Who is Josie? And, why are they singing a song about her? The song is called Your Love and it was a smash hit for The Outfield on their debut album, Play Deep. We never really find out who Josie is, but since the song is about the singer talking to someone else and telling them, "I just want to use your love, tonight," we can guess that Josie is a wife or girlfriend who is away and someone is feeling some sort of way. It turns out that the song is about the new girlfriend being away and a one night stand with the old girlfriend….

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Don't Let This Good Love Slip Away

27 Apr 2017 04:16


Song: Caught Up In You (1982)

Artist: .38 Special

Album: Special Forces

Writers: Frank Sullivan, Jim Peterik, Jeff Carlisi, Don Barnes

I never knew there'd come a day when I'd be sayin' to you, "Don't let this good love slip away…"

Those are the beginning lyrics of one of the most popular songs by .38 Special, Caught Up In You. It was released on their sixth album Special Forces, the second highly successful album the band recorded. "Caught Up In You" was the band's biggest hit, reaching no. 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 and no. one on the Mainstream Rock chart. I've never met a person who didn't love this song, as well as their other big hits, especially Hold On Loosely, which nobody can listen to without singing along. They are just fantastic rock songs, with every single part being a hook….

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I'm Not In Love

24 Apr 2017 23:35


Song: I'm Not in Love (1975)

Artist: 10cc

Album: The Original Soundtrack

Writers: Eric Stewart, Graham Gouldman

I'm Not in Love is the first song played in the movie Guardians of the Galaxy (1). It plays while Peter Quill is waiting to see his mom in the hospital. This was not the first movie soundtrack in which the song appeared. It was also used in 'The Stud,' starring Joan Collins….

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And We Danced Like a Wave on the Ocean

23 Apr 2017 21:19


And we danced like a wave on the ocean, romanced; We were liars in love and we danced…

Song: And We Danced (1985)

Artist: The Hooters

Album: Nervous Night (Columbia)

Writers: Eric Brazilian, Rob Hyman

And We Danced was the first single from the second album of The Hooters, a very popular band of the 1980's. The song reached no. 21 on the Billboard Hot 100 in October 1985, spending 20 weeks on the charts. It also reached no. 3 on the Mainstream Rock chart and was a no. 6 hit in Australia….

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